Allegory of the Cave 12

Allegory of the Cave 12

Allegory of the Cave 12 account23 Nature of rule is applied through “virtue, wisdom, and advantage. ” If one is not virtuous in his decision making then he will be unethical; choosing based upon his own personal gain It he man is nor wise then he will have fault in what he does, and if he cares for advancing in his position then greed and power will drive him. When a person is not virtuous they won’t make decisions based upon what is ethically right Without morals and values guiding them their decisions will be elf centered for personal gain and results.

Say that a legislator wanted a law that benefited his interests directly. He could utilize his power to have a law drafted and passed. Acting without virtue, he still is gaining from his position in the State where his selfishness may cause the rest of the citizens harm. That very legislator would cause “civil and domestic broils. ” person who lacks wisdom in their conduct uuill make significant judgments that are unjust. The man with such power to judge others has to be nowledgeable on subjects that are relevant to the situation in order to make those just decisions.

Shortage of wisdom is the cause of injustice that is served, because the interpretation of an unwise judge will be defective. What the officer holder knows can be used for the greater good, or used unwisely for bad. The personal gain the office holder receives could be revenge, fame, money or other types of personal satisfaction for himself, Those men are TO going to “snatch the chief good” from those who truly deserve it.

A man who doesn’t know the laws of the land isn’t capable of making accurate decisions and interpretations of the laws of the state. One who hungers “after their own private advantage . will be fighting about office” with other potential members, However, the power hungry will do all that they can to advance in their position. Meaning they will act without civility to achieve their goal. Doing unethical things. For instance, law breaking- cheating, lying, stealing, and bribing- to attain a higher position.

One that is more powerful and ultimately influential office in the State. The ambitious men that hold office will be the destruction and ruin of the entire state as a whole. Therefore the qualities of a man, virtue, wisdom, and advantage, all play a vital role in the composition of an ethical and competent Statesmen. If not driven by good morals, expertise in your profession, and a clean way to advance in your position then the end result is an inadequate man with power they will abuse and manipulate