Allegory of the Cave Essay

Allegory of the Cave Essay

Allegory of the Cave Essay sojazzy101 5/12/12 The Allegory of the Cave This world has seen many ideas come, and many ideas Some ideas have been very beneficial and have stuck with society, such as Alexander Belle Grahams invention of the telephone. Others have not been so successful and have proved to be a pointless invention, such as the snuggie. Some would think that the ideas of a man who lived thousands of years ago would not still apply to the world today, but those people would be wrong. The ideas that Plato presents about mankind and society in The Allegory of the Cave are still thriving in todays sociery,

If a person from the time period The Allegory of the Cave is set in were to visit the world today they would not know what planet they were on. This world is so consumed and driven by technology that someone from a thousand years ago, even a hundred years ago, would not recognize it. People are consumed by technology and it is a huge factor in the lives of many. It is safe to say that people are obsessed with it. Although the people from back then would nor recognize the technology used today, they would recognize the way in which it is used.

People turn to the news, newspapers, and the internet when they want to know hat is going on with society. Those are very powerful tools because whoever controls what is said in them, controls what society thinks. That can be a very dangerous thing. All too often misleading people are in control Otwhat society is told, The media that is used could he thought of as a facade, keeping society from the truth. Plato touches on this in his story. He talks about how there are people that have been living in darkness. unaware of the world that is beyond the cave. They are fooled by the shadow they see of a man.

The shadow makes the man look a lot larger than he actually is and they think he is a god. This can compare with society today and how fooled they are They see what is presented on the news media as the Truth, the shadow, hut really it is a facade. Society needs to realize that they are watching shadows on the wall and everything they believe to be true is the product of what someone else wants them to think. That can be unnerving when one thinks about it, to think that everything that has been believed to be true, might not be. Whenever someone keeps secrets trom the rest of the uuorld, it usually isn’t for a good cause.

In keeping people from the truth, the masterminds behind the ews media are keeping society from ‘the good’. These people behind the lies are not dumb either. They use tools to persuade that play a huge pole and are very common in people’s lives, electronics and technology. They use these tools such as television, the radio and the internet to cast shadows that everyone believes. Due to the tact that electronics are so prominent in our society, the false information reaches millions of people. lust like Plato’s Allegory of the Cave, this false information will keep being believed until someone is brave enough to prove otherwise.

In Plato’s story a man finally sees that the shadow is no god after all. it’s a regular human just like him. He realizes that he and his people had been tricked for all that time and they no longer fearwhat is out of the cave. This needs to happen Someone needs to step up and show that the news isn’t the truth; irs an illusion that has society fooled. They need to see that by being misled, their intellect is being kept from exploring everything that is in this world. They can’t he morally sound when they don’t know the m’hole truth. They are being robbed of being able to reach •the good’.

People have the right to the truth, but this right is being taken away through technology. What Platos story is saying is that people need to find the truth. Back when the story was created finding the truth was simply looking beyond the cave, but today people need to dig. They need to use That same technology That is being used to trick them, and dig deeper than the surface. People need to find the truth and expose it so society can see the light instead of shadows. When this happens people will finally be able to reach ‘the good’. Works Cited Plato, The Allegory of the Cave. Print.