Allegory of the Cave project

Allegory of the Cave project

Allegory of the Cave project ambertextor2 Unit 2 Plato’s “Allegory’ Assignment HI. J250 – Humanities and Culture When discussing “Allegory of the Cave” it is important to know what it is all about and it why it took place. Prisoners are chained and can onty see darkness. They are facing a black wall and are projected to figure out what is real in life and what is not. They are not able to turn their heads. Plato wanted the people be aware of what is going on around them. There are puppets that are behind the walls that are showing shadows.

The prisoners can only see the shadows and not the real objects. The can also hear the echoes, but nothing else. The prisoners would mistake appearance tor reality. Whar this really means is no matter whar was really behind the wall and was showing shadows the prisoners would still try to figure out what they perceive is casting the shadow. Plato was trying to make the point that it is not the names of the things we see, but what we grasp with our minds and perceive ir_ to be.

We watched their responses and reactions to the illusions and again when they were freed to experience real life again. When the prisoners are released they can see what the real objects were. This is wear eflective understanding is interpreted. Concepts that we grasp are nor the real objects that we perceive. In this theory. Plato argues that “forms”. and not the world that we perceive it through our senses, are the purist kind of reality.

When the prisoners were released they could see for themselves what was real and what wasn’t _ They were forced to accept things the way they truly are rather than what they thought He wanted to change their behaviors, desires, and tendencies to perceive what is incorrect, and show true happiness, When I went to apply this to my own life the only example could personally think of is one hat has to do with my family. At one point and time, my family was made up of my boyfriend, my daughter, and myself.

My boyfriend was very abusive and would not help with anything. However, he was very good to my daughter and she loved to be around him. I was not truly happy, but could only think of my daughter. At times, would come accustomed that women were just supposed to be treated the way that was. hid behind my feelings for years instead of facing reality and getting out ofthe bad situation. What I suppressed as my reality did nor. have to be my reality. The problem was that wouldn’t face reality and tell yself that deserved a better life than what I had.

I had to put my feelings into consideration and not just my daughters. True happiness comes from within and wasnt even happy with myself for staying so many years that didn’t have to. created a life that was easy. wanted to take the easy way out, hut not considering the truth of the situation, which was that needed to be freed. needed the chance to grow as my own person instead of doing what everyone else wanted me to do. My life is my life and should be able to live life to the fullest and be fulfilled as a person.

People should not hide behind their feelings nd should perceive the truth of lite Reality is important to everyone and no matter how scared, hurt, or upset we are life must be faced and it must be faced in the right way. Happiness tan be conquered. In my situation, after freeing myself from an uncomfortable situation. now have two children and a husband that treats me like a women. Too many people get treated badly and get use to and think that this is okay and it isn’t _ References Sayre, H. M. (2013). Discovering the humanities (2nd ed. ). New York: Pearson Education. webspace. ship. edu/cgboer/platoscave. html