Antigone: Creon as a ruler

Antigone: Creon as a ruler

You can’t judge a book by its cover and you sure can’t judge a ruler’s character until he is in power. Creon was an illogical ruler; he made several decisions that showed his true color and what type of ruler he really was. He thought that he was an all mighty and that his rule was divine right. Was rule under Creon a tyranny or a liberty?

First of all, Creon was a bad ruler, who gained power by inheriting it, and ruled by only for himself. “All the cities will stir in hatred against you, because their sons in mangled shreds received their burial rites from dogs, from wild beasts, or when some bird of the air brought a vile stink to each city that contained the hearths of the dead.” (Line 1152-1156), Creon led a tyranny and didn’t listen to the people that he ruled over. Creon caused the city of Thebes a war and deaths to all the families as well.

The gods were so mad at Creon that they punished him with deaths to family members and a war that affected everyone in Thebes. Creon truly thought that he was better than the gods and that everyone should look up to him. His arrogance led to his downfall because we wouldn’t listen to the other side of an argument. He was in comparison to a stiff tree that wouldn’t move in a storm, he only had one point of view and that was of his own.

Next, power obviously corrupted Creon because he isn’t even acknowledging his family that he once loved, and won’t allow of a proper burial. “You cannot know a man completely, / His character, his principles, sense of judgment, / not till he’s shown his colors, ruling the people,/making laws” (lines 194-97). This states that you don’t know someone will act until they are put in a situation or in Creon’s case power. Creon’s whole family was killed by or because of him, and his leadership caused deaths to thousands. “For what is destined/for us, men mortal, there is no escape.” (Line 1411-1412) You can’t undo what has already happened and Creon was a great example of what Thebes doesn’t need in a ruler. Creon mistakes killed thousands but showed the people what to have in a leader.

All in all, Creon ruled terribly over Thebes, he was like a bridge during an earthquake and wouldn’t give in to what the people wanted. He was a tyrannical ruler and didn’t listen to anyone. He was the reason for family member’s deaths and caused Thebes a war. He was a good example for future Thebes of what not to be and he was probably the worst ruler they ever had.