Antigone Vs. Madea

Antigone Vs. Madea

? Antigone Vs. Medea Antigone and Medea… Although they seem very similar in some aspects, in others, they are completely different. Some ways that they are similar, but also very different are: they’re feisty, angry, clever, and powerful. They both are feisty because they both wanted revenge and they both went against the rulers of their city. Angry is an additional word that may be used to describe the similarities of the two women because they both are angry at men, and not only men… but the rulers of their cities.

Clever could be used to describe the plans of Medea and Antigone. They are both powerful too, not physically, but mentally. Their plans both succeeded whether it was Medea’s plan to assassinate Jason or Antigone’s plan to properly bury her brother properly. One adjective that could describe Medea is feisty. She is fighting against Jason because he cheated on her for another woman. Not only is it because he cheated, but also because she gave up everything for Jason and this is how he repaid her.

A different description of Medea is that she is angry. Her anger came from Jason throwing away what she thought was true love. Clever is another word that could be used to describe both Medea and Antigone. Medea convinced Jason to let her kids stay in the city to execute her ingenious plan. Powerful is a good word to describe Medea; she was powerful, and courageous enough to kill her own family to accomplish her plan.

Although they are very similar, Medea is also very different from Antigone. For instance, Medea was fighting Jason, whereas Antigone was “fighting” against Creon because he would not allow her to bury her brother. Medea was angry at Jason for cheating, but on the other hand, Antigone was angry at Creon, the king of Corinth. In contrast to Medea’s violent plan, Antigone had a plan to sneak into the field where her brother was buried and quietly bury him without violence.

Although Medea’s plan involved violence, Antigone was not interested in hurting anybody; she just wanted to give her brother a proper burial, which she later succeeded in. In conclusion, Antigone and Medea have many differences and similarities, but they are both major tragic flaws due to the nature of there sneaky plans. Their personalities are completely opposite; Antigone’s plan is genuine and it is agreeable for the chorus and the readers, in contrast to Medea’s evil plan for revenge, which is devious as opposed to genuine.