Beowulf and Grendel Essay

The animation used for the movie, Beowulf was simply superb. I thought the characters were human but after a while, I noticed that they move quite differently so I learned that it was actually a motion captured film, like the ones used in Polar Express and Monster House. The effects were good, and the characters really looked like the actors who played them. It’s amazing what technology can do these days. As for the story, I think some scenes are really violent and brutal.

Like the part when Grendel, the monster, tore the head of one of the soldiers and ate it, it was disgusting. Some parts were also rated PG. ut overall, I think the plot was good. The character of Beowulf was very brave and courageous. From the beginning of the story, we can already tell that he is a hero and that he practices the code of honor (whatever that is). He was willing to sacrifice himself to save his people and the kingdom. I think he is also wise as the king. He didn’t fight the soldier who was trying to kill him, instead, send him off saying “He has a story to tell”. But the protagonists also have some poor qualities. For one, he didn’t think of the consequences when he gave in to Grendel’s mother’s advances.

He also lied to king Hrothgar and his people when he told them that he killed Grendel’s mother. He did all that just so that he could have wealth and the crown. I also didn’t like the fact that he took a mistress, when his wife was still there. I think Queen Wealtheow is a wise and beautiful queen, what more could he ask for? Also, I think Ursula, the concubine, didn’t really love Beowulf. She was just submitting herself to him because he is of course, the king. I think the historical accuracy was good, the costume and the traditions; they even had the right accents.