Beowulf/ grendal

Beowulf/ grendal

? In Beowulf, Grendel, and “Dragon, Dragon”, the monster is seen differently in each story, and is also portrayed as something other than what it really is. Beowulf see’s Grendel as the monster in Beowulf, the story told from mans point of view but Grendel see’s Beowulf as the monster in Grendel, and in “Dragon, Dragon” is the dragon but it takes more of a comical twist on the story. Grendel and Beowulf relate to each other because they are both telling the same story about the same night, only they are being told from different points and different experiences from the same night. Dragon, Dragon” tells the story of a dragon terrorizing a village much like the dragon that terrorized Beowulf’s kingdom. Only in “Dragon, Dragon the son killed the dragon and was not defeated like Beowulf. Beowulf is told from the viewpoint of someone seeing the overview from the peoples perspective. They see Grendel as the monster and the one that needs to be destroyed for his wrong doings and torture of the Danes. They said he was a “child of scorn” and he only did wrong.

In Grendel, Grendel sees Beowulf as the monster who was evil and from the way he watched him he seemed to be obsessed with whatever Beowulf did, said, and the way he did or said it. He felt scared and excited by this man he knew he would be faced to fight later on. Grendel said there was coldness in his eyes and that he seemed to be foreign and in humanly strong but nothing he couldn’t handle. When they meet for the first time in Harot Grendel kills a Geat and thinks that it will be easy like the last time he came twelve years ago.

Beowulf sat back and watched how this monstrosity worked, Grendel unknowingly showed Beowulf how he attacks and in the end it is the reason he is killed. Grendel notices that Beowulf was watching him when he goes to devour another Geat. This Geat, Beowulf, fights back with a strength Grendel has never come in contact with. Grendel calls him “long-lost brother” as if to say they are related in some strange out of this world way. Grendel slips on the blood he spilled out and says this was his mistake, his default in there battle to the death.

Beowulf gets his arm and is steadily ripping it away at the shoulder. Grendel calls him a “crazy”, and a “lunatic” because while Beowulf is defeating him he wants him to “sing of walls”. Grendel at this point seems to think that he is the one being attacked by Beowulf. He tries to call for his mom and he screams for help but he knows none will come. After Beowulf defeats Grendel and his mother Beowulf goes back and rules for 50 years. Even though he received glory and honor there is still one thing he wishes to do, defeat the dragon the plagues this land.

In Beowulf and “Dragon, Dragon” there is a dragon terrorizing a village only Beowulf is unable to defeat the dragon like the younger son in “Dragon, Dragon”. All three stories each has a monster in Beowulf there are two but they each relate to Grendel, and “Dragon, Dragon” in different ways as they are portrayed. In Beowulf, Grendel, and “Dragon, Dragon”, the monster is seen differently in each story, and is also portrayed as something other than what it really is.