Beowulf Persuasive Essay

Beowulf Persuasive Essay

Beowulf Persuasive Essay A tiger cub studies and learns how to hunt from its mother and other cubs. Orphaned tiger cubs often starve because they can’t fend for themselves and do not understand how to hunt for food. Readers often relate to tiger cubs because books, the prey, can be hard to understand. In that same light, a movie version of the book can act as a mother tiger and help the reader to understand the book. A book or story that is transformed into a film can be either a great success or a tremendous failure.

The story of Beowulf for instance was transformed into a film directed by Robert Zemeckis and was released in 2007. A large debate at Old Rochester Regional High School is whether or not the film should be shown to high school students after studying the epic poem. There can only be one answer; simply, yes the film version of the old english, epic poem Beowulf should be shown to high school students. Beowulf is written in old english which many students find hard to understand. The film version of the poem helps to clear up any foggy interpretations of the writing.

An argument that has been made is that students will neglect the writing and just watch the film. This could easily be solved by reading the poem in class. Michael Beson, a teacher in the ORRHS english department experimented with this tactic in his two junior classes. The idea worked as all the students followed along in their textbooks and after group discussion the students felt as though they had a grasp on the information. However some students remained thoroughly confused, until after the class as a whole viewed the film.

Following the film every student in the classroom felt that they thoroughly understood the poem. Beowulf takes place in a time that some students find hard to relate to. This causes problems when they are analyzing the text in that they can not picture the story in their minds. The viewing of the film helps to clear up their unimaginative minds and allows them to picture the overall story. Also many parts from Beowulf are excluded from the text that is read in ORRHS. This requires the students to try and figure out what happened between excerpts. The movie, however, covers the text in its entirety.

Watching the film would fill in the blanks from the text. Viewing of the film version of Beowulf after studying the poem is very beneficial to high school students. Those who have a hard time with understanding strongly worded writing will have no problem understanding the text after viewing the film. Students will also have the opportunity to learn the rest of the story as some parts are excluded from the textbook. So administration wants to know, should the film version of Beowulf be shown to our High School students? There is only one correct answer, and its obviously yes.