Combat and Beowulf

Combat and Beowulf

tee Mrs. Farrer AP literature and composition 11 September 2013 Beowulf Essay Beowulf was mighty as a person and ultimately a hero. Despite this, Beowulf was not perfect. Beowulf shows great traits such as bravery, loyalty, mighty, courtesy, and boastfulness. Mighty is defined as: having, characterized by, or showing superior power or strength. “Mighty” Beowulf was mighty because he relied for help on the Lord of All, and overcame the foe and brought down the hell-brute. The monster wrenched and wrestled with him, but Beowulf was mindful of his mighty strength, the wondrous gifts God had showered on him on His care and favour. (“Beowulf -Good vs. Evil Quotes Page 3. “) The author shows Beowulf aware of his own strength and prowess. He also knows about God’s favor, or because his fate was to be on the side of good. This was predetermined from the womb and he was fulfilling his own destiny. When Beowulf spoke before his death “-in spite of the swollen, livid wound, knowing he’d unwound-“(736-737) is an example of the author emphasizes Beowulf character trait, courage, to the reader.

His words spoke before his death show courage but also, when he decides to fight Grendel without weapons. Bravery is displayed as he also fights the dragon as an older man. “I’ve never known fear, as a youth I fought in endless battles. I am old, now, But I will fight again, seek fame still, if the dragon hiding in his tower dares to face me. ” (607-611) The author shows us the hatred Beowulf has for Grendel for example “I’d use no sword, no weapon, if this beast could be killed without it, crushed to death like Grendel, gripped in my hands and torn limb from limb” (613-615. This lets the reader know the Beowulf is confident in his fighting abilities. Beowulf strength and confidence added special quality to his warrior skills in text the author displays this by “-Beowulfs, Higlac flower and the strongest of the Geats-“ (109-110) Beowulf strength was important to him as a warrior. The author shows Beowulf’s character trait of strength by exaggerating how strong he was for example “-greater/ And stronger than anyone in this world” (110-111) This shows the reader how important strength is to Beowulf.

Beowulf was very boastful of himself to others. This characteristic was shown to the reader by “-have watch me rise from the darkness of was, dripping with my enemies blood. I drove five great giants into chains, chased all of that race from the earth. I swam In the Blackness of night, hunting monsters out of the ocean, and killing them one by one; death was my errand and the fate they had earned. ” (152-157) Beowulf loves the attention that his “mighty” strength gave him.

When people mourned over Beowulfs’ death, the author let us know he was well like by the people for example: “-crying that no better king had ever lived, no prince so mild, no man so open to his people so deserving of praise. ” As I read Beowulf, I continued to have mental images of me being Beowulf. So many times in my life I have had to display courage, bravery, and boldness as I fought enemies in my life. Throughout the poem his character traits shine through. I respect Beowulf as person however; I know he wasn’t perfect by any means.

I compare my life to Beowulf’s although he didn’t win every battle. He did his very best. I too want display bravery, courage, boldness. Works Cited “Beowulf Textbook Online Version. ”N. p. , n. d. Web. Scuc. txed. net/webpages/cmatthews/news. cfm? subpage=40102 “Beowulf Good vs. Evil Quotes Page 3. ” Shmoop. N. p. , n. d. Web. 11 Sept. 2013. http://www. shmoop. com/beowulf/good-vs-evil-quotes-3. html “Mighty. ” Dictionary. com. Dictionary. com, n. d. Web. 11 Sept. 2013 http://dictionary. reference. com/browse/mighty