Critical Review on Beowulf

Critical Review on Beowulf

?A Song of Lightning After thinking about the past years of my life I have found few major moments of joy; which just goes to show how rare they are and that if we do not recognize them they will just fly on by. Occurrences such as these are something that need to be held on to and cherished, and that is just what I have done. Until this school year my family and I lived, as I like to put it, on the other side of the world, by Ryan Airfield, south of Old Tucson. Every school day there was a 50 minute drive in front of me that stretch over a mountain pass and more than half a city. However, it did provide great quiet time.

Time just to recap what happened that day, time to plan out the rest of the day, daydream. One overcast day, my mom and I were going home in our good ole’ reliable Passat. We had come up through the mountain pass listening to instrumental music, something I have enjoyed listening to all my life. Instrumental music always lifts my spirits because of the pure melody, of all different types of instruments coming together to make a blissful resonance. After the mountain pass, the terrain spans out before us in a somewhat flat valley, which leads into another range of even higher mountains.

We rode smoothly across a stretch of this and the music was epic. I do not remember that exact piece of music that was playing, but it had a cello, violin, piano, and drums. The type of music that gives the feeling like there is something in life you must do, a battle that must be conquered, a quest that must be fulfilled. The sunset ahead of us was trying to pierce vibrant colors through a gray curtain of clouds. Some clouds rested on a mountain for a moment while others struck down at the earth with lightning bolts. These flashes of light synchronized with the beat of the music.

The moment was one of many things: shock, awe, exuberance, joy, thrill, wonder, and so on. The main thought that raced through my head was “This is amazing God. You planned this! You planned this. ” It was that moment that has gotten me through many hard times since then. How God plans everything down to the moment lightning strikes. He cares thoroughly enough to give me all that I have in my memories, where I live, how I live, who I get to live with. The life He has given me is all such a blessing. The feeling of joy was a reminder for me of how much God is in my life.

Sometimes His presence feels elusive, but He is always there. That instant gave also the realization of how all aspects of God’s creation are intertwined. God gave humans the gift of music; He also gave us the earth, a most breath taking dwelling. When the bolts of lightning sounded to the beat of the composition it was staggering. It stopped me from thinking of anything else. The thought of how small I am and yet how He loves me just blows me away in that moment. It brings Joy to my heart at the thought of His devotion and how He knew that moment would be life changing for me.