Death of Beowulf

Death of Beowulf

Death of Beowulf Narration Beowulf’s death is the part of the story which is immediately after Beowulf kills the dragon. Of course he had a little bit help from Wiglaf. But when they are fighting the dragon, Beowulf attains an injury that is very fatal. The first paragraph (lines 736-740) tells us that Beowulf is dying, and he has no hope of living. He had “Seen/As much as God would grant him. ” This supports evidence that Beowulf is going to die soon. In the next paragraph, Beowulf admits his deadly injury to Wiglaf, and informs him of what he is expecting from the Geats in the future.

Beowulf in his speech (lines 741-744) what he first says is that, if he had an heir that god gave him, and then he wouldn’t mind dying. He then speaks (lines 744-747) of the time he ruled for 50 years, and how nobody threatened the Geats, nobody challenged the Geat nation, nobody sent soldiers. So basically there was nothing negative while he ruled. The next few lines (lines 747-755), Beowulf talks about how hard he tried to please God and that he did all that he could do in his strength. He even said that “the Lord of life has never watched me wash my sword in blood, Born of my own family,” this means that he never killed the ones he loved.

In the end he was happy that he got live a good life, honest life, powerful life. He was pleased that god gave him all the things he wanted and that god could save him if he wanted to. Once Beowulf finished telling his life story, he tells Wiglaf to go to where the dragon keeps his treasures, and bring all the “ancient silver, precious Jewels, shining armor and gems,” to him, before he dies. He thinks that he will die an easier death of he sees the last trophy of his life. Wiglaf then suddenly went to the dragon’s tower, and took all the rusted and rotting gold he could find, and brought them to Beowulf.

When Wiglaf returned, he saw Beowulf in the very last stage of his life, parched for breath. When he sees the treasures, Beowulf immediately thanks God for everything [here you can see that even in his last minutes of death, he is still faithful to god and thanks for whatever he got. He is happy with what he has. ]He has given him, and then turns to Wiglaf, and tells him his last wishes (lines 811-819). He says, Wiglaf, lead my people, Help them; my time has come. He then goes on to ask Wiglaf to build a great tower in his memory.

He told Wiglaf to keep his ashes in that tower. He requested Wiglaf to build it near the coast so that the sailors could see it and be remembered of him. He wanted the tower to be named after himself. This shows us that even when he was about to die, he considered fame and glory more important than anything. Beowulf then utters his last words how his race got wiped out and that he will be joining them soon. After saying this much Beowulf’s breath gave out, the cowards who fled while the battle was going on came out of the woods, shameful, and Wiglaf then turned to them.

He tells (lines 851-863) them that because of their cowardice and treachery, they are disgraceful. Their families too, will be regarded as people without honor, and “Death would be better for them all. ” What interests me in this section of the epic “Beowulf” is the Christian influence, because God is mentioned several times. I think it indirectly tells us that we should remember God always, even when we are about to die. But, Beowulf died an honorable death, after slaying the dragon, and all the treasures in the treasures were his trophy.