Douglas, Beowulf study guide

Douglas, Beowulf study guide

?_________________________________ (First Name Last Name) English (Class title) Ms. Devereux (Teacher/Professor’s Name) _____/_____/_____ (Date written: day month year) Beowulf Study Guide Questions PART I Go to page 31 to get some background and then proceed to page 32 to begin reading Beowulf. Read to page 44. Answer the study questions when you are done. 1. The story sets the scene (lines1-29) by contrasting Grendel living in darkness to the Danes living in the light.

What Christian motif(s) do you already see? ANSWER: 2. Other than the sadness over losing so many men, what have you learned about Norse beliefs in the afterlife that would cause King Hrothgar to sit “joyless/For the dead? ” ANSWER: 3. What characteristics does Grendel have that make him particularly terrifying to the Danes? ANSWER: 4. Why do you think Beowulf offers to help a tribe other than his own, in spite of the danger? ANSWER: PART II Stop – Return to your reading of Beowulf.

Answer the following questions after you have read pages 45 through 51. 5. Reread lines 506 to 512. Who is credited for keeping Grendel’s mother from killing Beowulf. ANSWER: 6. Why do you think Beowulf takes only Grendel’s head and the hilt of the sword he used to kill Grendel to King Hrothgar when there was a hall “full of rich treasures? ” ANSWER: 7. What heroic qualities does Beowulf display in this second battle? ANSWER: 8. Are Beowulf’s words and deeds those of a traditional epic hero?

ANSWER: 9. Does the behavior of Grendel’s mother seem as wicked or unreasonable as Grendel’s behavior. Explain your answer. ANSWER: PART III Stop – Return to your reading of Beowulf. Go to page 52 and read to page 60. Answer the following study questions when you are done. 10. Reread lines 606 to 610. For what reasons does Beowulf decide to fight the dragon? Are those reasons different from those he had for fighting Grendel and his mother? ANSWER: 11.

How would you describe Wiglaf’s character traits (how he looks, acts, speaks, reactions of other characters to him)? ANSWER: 12. Reread lines 668 to 686. What is different about this battle compared to those with Grendel and his mother? ANSWER: 13. Compare how Beowulf comes to the aid of King Hrothgar to Wiglaf supporting Beowulf. What view of youth and old age does Beowulf convey? ANSWER: 14. On the basis of your reading of Beowulf, what qualities or values do you think the Anglo-Saxons valued? ANSWER: