Grendel Retelling Beowulf

Grendel Retelling Beowulf

Beowulf perspective essay Hey there Grendel, what have you been up to? Oh I have been stocking up on food for the winter and trying to not be disturbed by those humans having the time of their lives singing and being annoying, what about you Merith? I’ve been trying to settle down and find someplace to live. Wait! Shh. Do you hear that Merith? Ugh this is the fourth time this week that those idiot humans have been partying and disturbing every one! I’m going to go teach them a lesson . I wouldn’t do that Grendel. And why not Merith? Are you not upset that they keep you up and torture your ears with their jolly making?

Well it isn’t the best stuff I’ve heard, but they are scary, I am not going near them. Fine suit yourself, I will go alone. Be careful Grendel, don’t do anything rash. Whatever Merith, ill see you later. Stupid humans thinking that they can do whatever they want. Why don’t they think about others for a change, oh I know because they are stupid! Ugh, I hate this snow, why dose it have to be so deep! Stupid nature, why don’t you snow somewhere else for a change. I’m sick of everything here I want to leave, but I don’t want to leave mom. But she can fend for herself right?

No, it wouldn’t be right if I left her. Finally, I can see the hall they are in, only a little bit longer. When I get there ill just scare them out of their wits so they wont come back. OK, how do these door things work, oh screw it, ill just kick them in. Wow there’s a lot of people here. Why are they all screaming, I haven’t done anything yet. “Stop screaming! ” Ill have to make an example of what will happen to them if they don’t stop. Hmm, maybe if I kill one of them they will stop screaming. Ill pick one up and rip them in half, yeah that will be good.

That was fun, and I like the taste, maybe one more. Ugh that only made them worse. “raughhh! ” “Fight me beast! ” hmm isn’t that their king? I probably shouldn’t mess with him. I will leave now that they are all scared. Dude, Grendel what did you do over there? Well I took a few of those humans and ripped them apart. They tasted pretty good too. You what! Oh man they are going to find you and kill you man. I’m out of here, I don’t want anything to do with them. OK, suit yourself Merith. Ill just face them alone. Your crazy Grendel.

Shut up Merith, your just a little scared sheep that wont even stand up to a human. I’m going to go tell your mom and she wont be happy. You wouldn’t dare do that Merith, your too scared of my mom. Yeah but you went too far this time Grendel. Fine I see how it is, leave! Go and die for all I care! Maybe I will. I don’t think he’ll tell mom, would he. I hope not. What would she say about my actions. Hmm, well its been three hours since he left, maybe he just got too scared to face my mom. It sounds like something he would do. “Grendel! ” Oh crap. “what mom!? ” Where are you? In my room!

You are in a lot of trouble young boy! But mom, the humans were really annoying and they wouldn’t be quiet, so I went and… And you killed them, yes I know your friend Merith told me. Why would you do that Grendel? I wanted to show them that they were making me mad. Well you cant go around killing them Grendel. Ugh we went over this, don’t kill humans and they wont kill you. They cant kill me mom, I’m stronger then them. They will find a way to Grendel, I suggest you hide somewhere they cant find you. Ok, fine. I’m sorry for disturbing them. Don’t apologize to me. Just go and hide.

This sucks. I cant do anything but sit here in this little tiny cave. Ugh I wish I could go back and not have done what I did. Wait, whats that noise. Oh no way are they back in that hall partying again, its only been three days since I went there. Well I guess they want to make me mad and go teach them a lesson again. Ok, I still don’t know how to work these doors so ill just kick them in again. What!? There’s only like twenty people here, how did they make so much noise? Whatever ill just take them all out. Ha! Whats that guy doing naked? Maybe its some kind of game. Well ill kill him first.

What!? How is he so strong, I cant even move my hand! Maybe I shouldn’t have come, its probably a trap! Crap I need to get out of here. Why is he hanging my arm from the ceiling? “no please stop! ” I sorry I killed your people. Quiet beast! And suffer your death alone! Aghhhhh, my arm! I need to get out of here! Head for the door and run, that’s what I need to do. Ugh, I got out, but I feel weak and tired, ill go to the lake where mom is, maybe she can help me. OK I’m here now I just need to find my, my mom… Crash. The body of Grendel hits the water and sinks down into darkness.