Grendel’s Mother and Beowulf Reading Questions

Grendel’s Mother and Beowulf Reading Questions

Important Places and People: Danes; Geats; Hrothgar; Herot; Grendel; Beowulf; Higlac; Wiglaf;

The Wrath of Grendel

1. What angered Grendel?

2. What do the scops (minstrels) in Herot sing about?

3. Who were Grendel’s parents?

4. What did Grendel find when he entered Herot? What did he do?

5. How did Hrothgar and his people react?

6. Who were the only survivors?

7. How long was Herot empty?

8. What object did Grendel never touch? Why?

9. How did the Danes sometimes try to solve their problems with Grendel? What advice does the author give about this?

The Coming of Beowulf

1. Who was Beowulf?

2. What does Beowulf do when he hears of Grendel’s attacks?

3. What did Beowulf and his men do when they landed safely?

4. Who met Beowulf and his men when they came ashore? What did he ask?

5. What were some of Beowulf’s accomplishments?

6. What does Beowulf request of Hrothgar?

7. How will Beowulf fight Grendel?

8. What does Beowulf request Hrothgar do if he (Beowulf) is defeated?

9. How does Beowulf say the battle will be decided?

The Battle with Grendel

1. What is different about Herot on this night when Grendel arrives?

2. What did Grendel find in the hall? What was his reaction?

3. Who was watching Grendel as he attacked the first warrior?

4. When Grendel grabbed Beowulf, what happened?

5. Why were the Geats’ swords useless against Grendel?

6. What did Beowulf do to Grendel’s arm? What did Grendel do then?

7. What did Beowulf do with Grendel’s arm?

The Monster’s Lair

1. Who tries to revenge Grendel’s death?

2. Where does Grendel’s mother live?

3. What will Hrothgar’s reward with if he defeats Grendel’s mother?

The Battle with Grendel’s Mother

1. What did Beowulf ask Hrothgar to do if he was defeated?

2. How long did it take Beowulf to find the bottom of the lake?

3. How long had Grendel’s mother ruled the lake?

4. Where did Grendel’s mother take Beowulf?

5. What does Beowulf soon realize about Grendel’s mother?

6. What protected Beowulf from Grendel’s mother’s dagger?

7. What did Beowulf find to help him in the battle?

8. What did Beowulf do to Grendel’s mother? To Grendel?

9. What did Beowulf take with him after the battle?

10. How many men did it take to carry Grendel’s head?

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The Last Battle

1. How long does Beowulf rule Geatland?

2. What new monster threatens Geatland?

3. What happened to Beowulf’s shield? His sword?

4. What did Beowulf’s warriors do when Beowulf began to lose the battle? Who stayed?

5. As he was dying, what did Beowulf ask Wiglaf to bring him?

The Spoils

1. What had killed the dragon?

2. Who does Beowulf thank for his treasure?

3. What does he give Wiglaf?

4. What does Beowulf ask for?

The Farewell

1. How long did it take to build Beowulf’s tower?

2. What was left at Beowulf’s tomb?