Jane Eyre, A Passage To India, And The Tempest

Jane Eyre, A Passage To India, And The Tempest

Jane Eyre begins as a young, weak girl and buds into a strong, independent woman. Because of her strength and amount of growth she is able to influence and change one very important man in her life. Mr. Rochester when he meets Jane is a very cold man. He loves no one, not Adele the child that is possibly his of Miss. Ingram a woman he would soon be engaged to. As her time a Thornfield Hall lengthens the reader watches his transformation from the man calling her Miss. Eyre to the man who begs her love him, stay with him and marry him.

Charlotte Bronte shows through Jane’s impact on Rochester, as well as her own metamorphosis, that women are strong and capable as well as important to their society and the men they meet. The influence Jane had on Rochester and the fortitude she showed would allow society to see what a woman is capable of and in turn has the women reading encouraged to do the same. The way Bronte portrayed Jane affected not only Rochester but the women and men of society today. Dr. Azziz, when met with Mrs. Moore, is immediately drawn to her.

He befriends her and through this friendship he is changes. Before he knew Mrs. Moore he didn’t have a strong liking of the English though he tolerated and even got along with them. Mrs. Moore, however, gave him a way to understand them and because of her influence he began friendships with Mr. Fielding and Mrs. Quested. After the cave incident the way Mrs. Moore viewed life had changed and she became a very negative person. Dr. Azziz just like Mrs. Moore became very angry and negative when she in a way abandoned him.

Mrs. Moore’s character has the ability to make society take a second look at the muddle of India and consider is as more than that. She shows society the beauty and enchantment of the real India. Forester’s view of gender shown through Mrs. Moore would allow the reader to believe he does respect women and though he may not think them the equal of a man, they do have an influence on a male’s thoughts and behavior. Prospero’s daughter Miranda, though her affect was minimal, did influence him. Prospero forced Miranda and Ferdinand together in a plan of revenge.

Miranda’s true love for Ferdinand when shown to her father caused him to reconsider and he in turn allowed them to be married and he even had gods bless the event. Prospero was softened by his daughter’s love and let go of his hatred and forgave his brother and the others. Miranda’s character could have little affect on society as a whole partially because of the way she was portrayed she had little affect on the other characters which would have her affect on society minimal. Shakespeare’s view on women is obvious with the fact that has only one in this play.

Not only does she stand alone but all she is there for is to be a girl in love. The reader would very easily see he views men above women. Though the authors’ views on gender do vary they all have females with some ability to influence the men around them. Forester and Bronte have a more equal view between genders, where Shakespeare shows his favor of males. The effect on society varies between the three females and the authors. Showing also the way their different time periods viewed women.