King Arthur And Beowulf Comparison

King Arthur And Beowulf Comparison

King Arthur and Beowulf’s personalities are completely opposite from one another. King Arthur is a very compassionate, and humble person. He doesn’t care about being praised, or making a name for himself. All he wants to do, as king, is what he thinks is right and best for everyone. Beowulf is a completely different story. He is very cocky, and prideful. I would consider him a show-off too because of the fact that he killed Grendel with his bare hands. Beowulf does lead his people well, but I find him to be very conceited, and only doing things that will bring him fame.

Like the fact that he cared so much about being forgotten, that he wanted to be buried with treasure when he died, and Arthur didn’t care at all if he even had any recognition or memorial after dying. The way King Arthur and Beowulf fight is completely different too. King Arthur always used weapons. He relied on them to defeat his enemies and to protect himself. King Arthur also fought his enemies with armies, and battled against armies. He fought for his people and to better society. Beowulf fought with his bare hands.

He was considered the strongest man in the world, so why would he need weapons? He also fought to better society, and he rescued needy people, but I think all he wanted was fame. Beowulf fought by himself, because he did not need any armies. I think, again, it’s because he wanted all the credit. These two heroes may have their differences, but they also have some similarities. They are both kings, and are loyal to their people. King Arthur always fought for his people, even thought sometimes they did not like him, he always stayed loyal to them.

And Beowulf was very loved by the Geats. Even though he was out for fame, Beowulf always came through for his people. Another similarity is that both King Arthur and Beowulf were very brave, and were not afraid of death, and lastly, they both represent good in their stories. And even though I’m not a fan of Beowulf, I still think he did some very great things in his story. King Arthur and Beowulf are very different people in many ways, but they are also similar in more ways than you would think.

The reason I wanted to write about just these two heroes is because they intrigued me, but also because their stories left an impression on me. What we consider a hero today, comes from the attributes we see in King Arthur and Beowulf, such as strength, leadership, and bravery. It’s crazy to me that these attributes came from so long ago and are still relevant today. That shows me that the attributes we have learned from these heroes, will not only last another five centuries, but they will probably last forever.