Novels Based on the Middle-East: Persepolis and The Kite Runner

Novels Based on the Middle-East: Persepolis and The Kite Runner

Comparative Analysis Persepolis, by Marjane Satrapi, and The Kite Runner, by Khaled Hosseini, are two novels based on the Middle-East of Iran and Afghanistan. Both novels involve the use of theme upon where they reside in. Whereas Persepolis perceives a woman’s point of view, The Kite Runner perceives a man’s point of view. Both convey their culture, revolution, and sterotypes as a big influence in each other’s life, but there are major differences between them that affect their childhoods as they are growing up.

It was difficult to live under the rule of the Shah, for those who opposed him, in which they had no money or family. As the Shah is trying to westernize Iran, there are beneficial attributes that highly behooves of nations, which causes many of the invasions. As it sparks the Islamic Revolution, Marjane has to go through many changes in her political and cultural views, where she has to wear a veil and everything is sexist. Marjane’s family is very “modern” and she goes through a change of culture within just a day.

Conversely, The Kite Runner does not involve a revolution for cultural change, but a warfare engaged by the Soviet Union, made Amir, the main character of The Kite Runner, flee to United States for a new life. Marjane also went out of the home country to find a better life for herself. If it weren’t for the invasion of the Soviets, Amir would not have felt the sense of redemption towards the guilt of Hassan, his half-brother who was raped. This led to the great journey to find Hassan’s son, Sohrab.

There were other differences as he had to wear a beard and turban because it was mandatory in where the culture was changing. Both novels taking place in the Middle-East, stereotypes arouse just because they are synonymous to stuff like terrorism and war. These two books expose a side of their home countries that has never been thought of before. Marjane and her family are normal and are just living in a time of difficulty. Same goes for Amir and his father, Baba. People from outside Iran view Marjane differently, just because she is Iranian, in which she starts becoming ashamed of calling herself Iranian.

On the other hand, Amir goes into the United States but is with people that are from where he resides, so he does not the view the differences from people like Marjane did. Moreover, they are exactly like us, but just trying to survive with their family. Persepolis and The Kite Runner are two novels taking place in the Middle East, but the differences in war caused different views between the two main characters as other people also play a role and shaping them. Stereotypes and culture are somewhat exactly the same, as they are modernized, but have to go through differences as the wars progressed.