After just completing the graphic novel Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi, and also viewing the film adaptation I have come to an understanding about the life of a child growing up in the time of a war. Based on her own personal experience of the Islamic Revolution in Iran, Marjane Satrapi introduces us to the effects of cultural change through the eyes of a child. Persepolis, is a political, historical, and extremely personal account of a girl’s growth into maturity.

Imperialism is a huge theme in this book as it is the reason why Marjane and the community of Iran suffered. After the Shah essentially sold his country’s resources to the western influences for selfishness and for benefits, the Iranians opposed him. The scenes that stood out to me were when they would all gather to party and drink alcohol even though they knew it was against the law. This stood out because they risked their lives to have a drink and dance. There are many advantages and disadvantages with the graphic novel format.

I feel as if I would of not of been interested or even understand it if it was not in that format but also it could have had a little more details if it was not in the graphic novel format. Overall I thought that the book was good and a graphic novel is more suitable. Yes I feel that the movie does stay true to the novel. The movie makers decided to add her as an adult looking back into her childhood as a memory. I really liked how they made her as an adult in color and her as a child in black and white to show it was a memory, it gave more detail.

The advantages of keeping the animation consistent with that of the book, is that it is more interesting and less gruesome. The disadvantages are that there is less details and not reality. Overall the movie was pretty good and it stayed true to the novel. There are much strength about the book and also the movie. The book is more fun to read and easier to get into but on the other hand the movie has more details and is also fun to watch.

I would prefer the movie but that is just because I do not care to read. They are both very similar it just depends on if you like to read or not. I would recommend on spending $10. 50 to go watch the movie and if you absolutely loved it and wanted to read it then I would recommend on buying the boxed set for $24. 95. I would defiantly watch the movie first because it is easier to get done and also I prefer watching movies before reading the books, but it all depends on the person.