Persepolis- English Novel Study

Persepolis- English Novel Study

How does Persepolis give a voice to someone who has been silenced? Persepolis tells a story of a young girl called Marjane. She lived Iran wit h parents during a time of great hardship and struggle. This was a time when the voices of women and including young girls like Marjane, were silenced and not to be heard. The graphic novel itself is regarded as a ‘voice of silenced women in Iran’. In Persepolis, we see that there are many consequences that the people of Iran, including Marjane, suffer because they are simply standing of for what they believe is right.

This occurs mainly with the women of Iran. Speaking on behalf of others was also not allowed, especially if it was an issue that was against what the rest of the westernized Iran believed. Women struggled to find their identities, particularly when the law of wearing ‘the veil’ was brought into Iran. Marjane did not agree with this new law, along with many other Iranian girls but still tried to find whom they were underneath. The women were victims of the nationalist regime and were limited in many ways including the fact that their voices were unheard of across the nation.

Thousands of innocent people were dying in Iran, due to the constant wars and disagreements at the time. The women would mourn and the men would suffer. Marjane had to put up with this, knowing that it could happen to anyone at anytime. “It wasn’t as bad as one would think. We’d seen it before”. This quote proves that it happened so often, they were just used to it. She had to be so careful. Marjane wanted this to change and so did half the entire population of Iran but she was different.

She decided to stand up and make a move, hoping that the other would realize that this is all wrong and follow her. The novel helps represent the oppressions of the ‘third world’ women in Iran as victims of these new nationalist systems. The female population of Iran needed protection from these wars as well as a voice that needed to be heard. Everything that the women did had to keep with ‘official’ national policy. Images of this are found earlier on in Persepolis.

These images are very important and are enlarge to symbolize their importance throughout the novel. Persepolis has given a voice to Iranian women. It shows the suffering under the new Islamic regime. Marjane was unafraid to share with her parents and even the rest of Iran what she thought of they way women were treated. She was unafraid of what Iran had to say to her. She believed that her opinion, as well as the opinions of ALL Iranian women should be heard and listened to.