Persepolis Reflective Statement

persepolis reflective statement

Persepolis Reflective Statement Having an interactive oral always improves my understanding of the cultural and contextual elements of the book, as it provides more aspects and points of view to consider and add to my own analysis of the book. Within this interactive oral, I feel as if I got more from the book, and had a better understanding of a lot of things. For example, one of my seminar questions were “How does religion define us as people and effect how we interact with others”.

I expected, from my own analysis of the book, for people to answer and talk about how it can effect our physical appearance, cause discussions or heavy arguments / conversations. Instead, they touched up on some points in the book that I didn’t think to look at as religiously effected things, such as religion creating isolation instead of union. For example, the separation of girls and boys, different ethnic groups, and other things that took place in the book. Now, when I consider that being said, religion in a lot of cases does cause social hostility… uch as was, and revolutions. The hostility takes away from the actual revolution’s main reason from happening;religion. Another understanding of an aspect of the book that was enhanced by the interactive oral was the archetype of Marji. Before the seminar, I would have said she the courageous, outspoken little girl who aspires to be so many things, and not really knowing where to go with herself, but ends up ultimately finding herself. But afterwards I realized, Marji just may be a character that is too complex to fit into one archetype.

She’s too many different things in one character; a complex character. She plays the role of being a hero by wanting justice, equality, and aspiring to fix the world. While this is a good point, she is also the character that starts off one particular childish way, then ends up growing and maturing. Ultimately, my understanding of Persepolis was further improved following the interactive oral by intensifying my analysis of characters,themes, and furthermore. Word count: 356