Plato: The Allegory of the Cave

Plato: The Allegory of the Cave

Plato: The Allegory of the Cave shantelxx Plato, “The Allegory of the Cave” “And whereas the other so-called virtues of the soul seem to be akin to bodily qualities, for even when They are not originally innate they can be implanted later by habit and exercise. the Of Wisdom more than anything else contains a divine element. which always remains, and by this conversion is rendered useful and profitable; or on the other hand, hurtful and useless.

Did you never observe the narrcm intelligence flashing from the keen eye of a clever rouge — how eager he s, how clearly his paltry soul sees the way to his end; he is the reverse ot blind, but, his keen eyesight is forced into the service of evil, and he is mischievous in proportion to his cleverness. ” “They must be made to descend again among the prisoners in the cave, and partake of their labors and honors, whether they are worth having or not. ” “. ??the uneducated and uninformed of the truth, nor yet those who never make an end oftheir education. will be able ministers of State. ” Plato’s “The Allegory of the Cave”, discusses the fact that we can’t teach someone but, we can awaken their abilities to learn and understand. It also, stares that peoples eyes can be clouded by evil and wrong doings that can lead to wrong choices. But there are a that are able to learn correctly and prosper from that. At a young age we learn from our parents by watching what they are doing.

What we might be seeing may be something we shouldn’t be seeing. Because we are around our parents for most of our lives what we see is believed to be the right things ro do in life. A king is forcing his young son to learn the duties ot the royalty and to understand that he has to carry our his duties corruptly or it will be the end of him. Showing his son that having mercy on the slaves is unacceptable. The king and his son go out into town and the slaves building the monuments are taking a break.

The king draws his whip and beats the slaves until they are barely alive while his son watches. Things like that are deemed hurtful and useless and should nor be learned because they don’t help enrich one’s mind, Someone people enjoy learning but. choose to learn from the wrong people. Once they begin learning and showing interest they’ll get hooked and will be unable to stop. He is blinded by the power of knowledge and cannot see right rom wrong. For example, a is stricken with plagues and healers from far and wide come trying ro help the people.

Some ot the healers who are tying to make a quick buck, are selling medicines that are said to cure everyone instantly for an expensive price. The other healers who are being over shadowed by the evil healers begin doing the same thing by giving the people medicines that won’t cure them for high prices. When he is not caught the first time and brought back to his senses the more evil he will seek. Not all of the people who have knowledge should have it.

They can use their nowledge to take down others and try to gain more rescuers that are clearly not needed, Fuen those who don’t have any knowledge at all can make it big in the world. That is because they have not learned to focus on one certain thing and have the pcmer to explore and find what they like, and eventually will find them. A child who is in foster care and has been jumping from house to house has experienced many ways of living. That can help the child when they have grown up because they haue seen the different sides of people and can decide who they want to learn from.