Robin Hood and Beowulf Comparative Essay

Robin Hood and Beowulf Comparative Essay

Kadyrkulova A. FL-46 Essay on Robin Hood and Beowulf Every period of the human history is characterized by its particular events and heroes. Some heroes are fictional and some of them are real, who both devoted their life to the people or to their country. In this essay we are going to compare two characters from a totally different area in time. On the one hand, it is the hero Beowulf in the literature of the Anglo-Saxon period, who fought for his people with a terrible monster named Grendel.

On the other hand, Robin Hood is a defender of the weak and an enemy of the oppressor in the Medieval Time, who “stole from the rich and gave the poor”. First of all, let us try to analyse the similarity between these two characters. One must admit that both of them fought for the welfare of other people. Similarly, they were courageous and brave men, “heroes by sword”. For instance, Robin Hood protects the people from the King’s soldiers who tax them to a great extent. Like Robin, Beowulf is the warrior and adventurer which legend springs from.

At the same time he is also one against whom to measure honor and valor, a hero. Throughout the entire story Beowulf showed his honor and valor. When he heard of a need, he hastened to the rescue. Nevertheless, it is possible to outline differences in the characters. For example, we can observe that Robin Hood is “a noble man from the captivating town called Locksley where he helps people and tries to stop the evil prince John from taking over the thrown”, while Beowulf is “a Viking that does not have a main place to live in the story, he just lives in various Viking villages”.

Moreover, we must distinguish between the reasons for why they are fighting. Robin Hood is against of the injustice coming from the ruling class. That’s why he captures treasures and gives them to poor people. It’s clear from these observations that he doesn’t act out of self-interest, but for justice. Unlike Robin, Beowulf has his own objectives. From the very beginning he has already been famous for his deeds with monsters. As Grendel is going to attack the Danish people, Beowulf immediately sails of to help them.

Furthermore, for this deed he receives “a great treasure”. This leads us to believe that Beowulf is mostly acting out of self-interest compared to Robin Hood. Finally, Robin Hood has excellent skills in shooting as well as in sword fighting, while Beowulf has supernatural strength that surpasses every human capacity. The arguments presented suggest that Robin Hood and Beowulf carry out the similar roles in their society, as they help weak and poor people, despite they differ in the approach to fighting.