Script Modern Day Antigone

Script Modern Day Antigone

The king is the mayor of Charlotte TAYLOR Haemon (son) HEATHER Antigone (girl the mayor wants to get rid of, sending her to jail) TARA Leader (sheriff) BROOKE Polyneices (brother of Antigone) he’s the one that died, can’t be buried JESSIE Person filming TORI SCENE: Antigone wants to honor Polyneices, her brother but the mayor won’t let her because he was in a gang and gang members aren’t allowed to have a memorial service. FLASHBACK SCENE (SHOOTING) Brother and Antigone are walking along the street and random gang member shoots the brother… Antigone leans over her brother and promises to give him the memorial like he has always wanted.

Son enters the office Mayor: Are you here to go against my decision? Son: No I wouldn’t go against you for a stupid girl Mayor: Well spoken son. It’s a parents’ prayer to raise a child that doesn’t go against their parents’ word. That girl is too much of a whore so you go and find another girl. I am confident in my decision so let’s depend on my authority and don’t be overruled by some girl. Leader: What you say makes sense I guess. Son: I wouldn’t dream of going against your word but other guys can reason correctly also.

I have been watching everyone in town and seeing how they’re reacting. The whole town has sympathy for this girl. She won’t let her brother just lay there without a memorial. You know how I prize your position of authority. But even the most stubborn of men can be flexible. Wait until you aren’t as mad and see if you change your mind. I may be young but I am also smart. Leader: You are both right so listen to each other. Mayor: You mean that a man of my age is taking notes from a boy?

Son: It’s my intelligence not my age that counts Mayor: Well your intelligence is BULL Son: I don’t side with criminals Mayor: So she’s not considered a criminal? Son: All of Charlotte says no Mayor: So I am letting a mob dictate the law? Son: So NOW who is speaking like a boy?! Mayor: Do I rule this town or does someone else? Son: A one man town is no town at all Mayor: You’ve turned into a whipped boy toy Son: Fine then. Don’t listen to what I have to say. Mayor: You can’t just back talk me without some sort of punishment.

I say that she should be put in jail right in front of her your eyes. Son: That won’t happen in my sight or by my side. You can count on never seeing me again. DEUCES *son walks out like a boss* Leader says to mayor: He is still angry and his rage will make him desperate. Mayor: Let him to do what he wants. He won’t be able to save her from being imprisoned. Leader: Do you mean that you actually want to send them both to jail? Mayor: Might as well. Leader: So what’s your plan? Mayor: I’ll plan in in a way that won’t make me lose my job.