Study Guide – Antigone Questions

Study Guide – Antigone Questions

1)What does Haimon think of his father’s decision? Haimon is supportive of his father’s idea at first, but as he begins to think it through, he begins to question it. He eventually agrees with it and begs his father to forgive Antigone for her actions. 2)What two things does Creon seem to fear the most? Creon fears his authority being challenged by a woman, and his pride also being hurt by a woman, Antigone. 3)Haimon uses a metaphor of a leader as a tree in flood time.

Explain how this metaphor demonstrates the main point of his arguments in regards to Antigone’s death sentence. The tree is Creon and his power. The flood is the people and the soon to happen death of Creon’s son and wife. 4)How does Creon react to Haimon’s speech? Creon doesn’t care about what Haimon has to say and seems to be only concerned with himself. Creon doesn’t think others’ opinions matter. 0. 5)How does Haimon’s tone change over the course of the scene? In the beginning of the scene Haimon was respectful to his father and the decisions he made.

As the story progresses Haimon loses that respect after he realizes that ending her life isn’t right, and has disbelief about how much hostility his father has towards Antigone. 6)What threat does Haimon make? How can this threat be interpreted? Haimon made a threat that Antigone’s death will cause another death, and in fact foreshadowed his own death. 7)What does Creon decide about Ismene? He decides that Ismene had nothing to do with Antigone’s actions so he releases her. 8)How will Antigone’s death sentence be carried out? Antigone was supposed to be hanged but she committed suicide. )According to Creon, how will this action absolve him of any of the guilt in Antigone’s death? (How will it solve the conflict of whether or not Antigone truly broke the “law”? ) Creon believes that since he is the king he shouldn’t be defied; therefore, he mandates the edict thinking that nobody will defy it. 10)Where is Antigone being led? Antigone is being led to her death. 11)How does Antigone’s character differ in this scene in comparison to earlier in the play? At the beginning Antigone was strong-willed, determined, and focused.

When she is sentenced to death she worries and has doubts about herself. 12)Explain the role of Antigone’s father’s guilt in this story. (Review the Oedipus story) 13)Who does the Chorus believe is responsible for Antigone’s death sentence? The chorus believes that Creon is responsible. 14)What does Antigone look forward to in death? Antigone looks forward to being able to see her parents when she dies. 15)What curse does Antigone place on Creon? Antigone’s curse on Creon is that his punishment is equivalent to her own. 16)What is ironic about Teiresias’s profession?

It is ironic that he is a blind and a prophet because prophets are supposed to see the future and what peoples’ destinies are, but since he’s blind in actuality he can’t see at all. 17)Why, according to Teiresias, has Creon brought disaster to Thebes? According to Tiresias, Creon has brought disaster to Thebes by not burying Polyneices’ body. He believes that because of this Creon has upset the gods and must fix this so they don’t destroy Thebes. 18)What does Creon assume is Teiresias’s motivation for his prediction? Creon assumes his motivation for his prediction is tributes, or bribes. 9)What does Teiresias predict in line 71-72 in response to Creon’s accusations? Tiresias predicts that bad things will happen to Creon’s family and as punishment his son, Haimon, will be taken by the gods. 20)Once Teiresias leaves, what sin does Creon confess to? Creon confesses that he is scared because Tiresias is always right but he doesn’t want to change his decision. 21)How does Creon’s attitude towards the Choragos and Chorus change? At first Creon is arrogant and insensitive towards the chorus and Choragos. He is less harsh when they appear to reinforce his opinions.

Towards the end Creon has a more humble and modest attitude after he losing his wife, son, and power and tries to make amends to bury Polyneices and free Antigone. 22)What does the Choragos suggest to Creon? The Choragos suggests to Creon to not be so ignorant and as he becomes older to gain wisdom because that’s what everyday life depends on. 23)Why does Creon take the advice of the Choragos? Creon takes the advice of the Choragos because he doesn’t know where life takes him and everyday he will bear the doom of the death of his son with wisdom and integrity.