The Tempest Play Verse Movie

The Tempest Play Verse Movie

The movie and the play of “The Tempest” both have many similarities in areas such as the characters, the plot, the theme, and style. Although, the issue is that there are some rather large discrepancies between the movie and the play, such as in the setting, some of the events, and even missing characters. The first major similarity between the play ands the movie of “The Tempest” is in the characters.

To start, there is Prosper in the movie, who is Prospero in the play, both men are wise old magically men who after being secluded to an island, show their indignation by trapping many other characters with him using his magic in an odious way to conjure a storm. Then there is Prosper(o)’s brother(s) who both use the ebbing political power that Prosper/Prospero gave to them to usurp there own brothers. There is also, Prospero’s dumb servant Caliban, who shows similarities to Gata-Man, who is Prosper’s servant.

One other Character is Miranda, the contentious daughter of both Prosper and Prospero, who seeks to ratify her love to a young man who is brought to their desolate island. Last, but not least, there is Ariel who is a spirit in the play, and a man in the movie, Ariel is a valiant young servant of Prosper/Prospero. There are also several similarities in the plot of the play, and the movie. To start, Prosper(o)’s wanton brother supplants himself in Prosper(o)’s position and home; causing what would seem to be irreparable damage to their family, and relation ship as brother, Antonio then casts him out onto an island.

One of the largest similarities is in the conspiracy with Caliban/Gata-Man trying to get his advocates to kill Prosper(o). Also, there is a young man, whom Miranda can hardly abjure from getting “frisky” with. Last, in both the movie, and in the play, Prosper(o) is penitent, and asks forgiveness to those that he has brought unfairly to his island.. One of the Differences between the movie and the play is in the setting. The movie is set all the way in the American Civil War, while the play is set far precedent, all the way back into Shakespearean times.

Also, the play is set on a large island in the middle of a large ocean, or sea; while the movie is set on a little tiny island in the middle of a swamp in Louisiana. Although there are definite similarities between the characters in the movie and the play, Prosper(o)’ abominable brother for example, there are many discrepancies between the movie and the play. One of the differences is that the far from abstemious butler, Stephano; as well as the bard Trinculo.

Another difference is that in the movie, Ariel is a man, while in the Play; Ariel is an apparition or a spirit. Also, Adrian and Francisco , who hardly have enough lines to give their salutations in the play, are not in the movie at all either. There are also some differences, and some similarities between the play and the movie with some of the events. One similarity is when Gata-Man/Caliban tries to get an indulgence out of Miranda when she is young.

There are many dissimilarities between the play and the movie, many of these are caused by the absence of many characters. Even the absence of the malignant characters Stephano and Trinculo are missing, removing the scene of Stephano finding Caliban and Trinculo, and multiple other scenes. In the end, the movie and the play of “The Tempest” are very similar, although they still have many discrepancies. Overall, “The Tempest” shows the precursors of many movies, and remakes to come.