“The Wine” Persepolis

“The Wine” Persepolis

?Friday 25th October “The Wine” Now that Iraq had bombed all the border towns, Tehran quickly became their main targets and bombers started to bomb our city. Luckily, in our building, we had a basement that we decided to turn into a shelter. As the Siren rang, everybody would run down to the basement. Mom took a cigarette out and lit it, and then dad angrily asked her to put it out. He was scared that the bombers would see a glow from the sky; I guess it was the fear of death, but then Mom shouted at him, saying that we were in the basement and there was no risk.

Once the bombing was over, everyone went back to their flats, and the phones were ringing for hours. It was their families or close friends; some had lived and others had died. The worst part of the bombings was that after the action, as you would hear that people had died, and when you thought about it, it made you realize how lucky you were. I saw mom doing something weird with the windows and masking it with tape so I asked her what she was doing and she told me “The masking tape is to protect us against flying glass during a bombing and the black curtains are to protect us from our neighbors. I was confused why she said our neighbors, so I questioned her about it, and then she told me the story behind it. There was a building across the street and the habitants were completely devoted to the new regime, and if they ever called up the police to say what was happening, in our house, then we would get arrested and dad could receive the same treatment as Tinoosh’s dad. What happened was that the guardians of the revolution received an anonymous call saying that illegal activity was taking place in their house.

When the guardians turned up, they found records, videocassettes, cards and a chess set. When he ended up in that station, he received seventy-five lashes and his wife got out lightly, as all she did was cry and they felt guilty for her and let her off with a heavy fine. I would have thought that mom and dad would have stopped the parties, but no they wanted to keep them going, and the card games remained on the agenda. All she said was “We have to be careful”. As much as mom wanted to be careful, I knew we were going to get caught, but I let them be.

When my cousin was born, my uncle hosted a party at his place to celebrate the occasion. One of his friends said “Without parties, we might as well just bury ourselves now”. He was right. I danced the whole evening, and I even danced with grandma. Suddenly there was a power outage and everyone was scared, but my father got out the Zarb, which is similar to a drum. He played it like a pro. So the party kept its flow, there was music, alcohol – everything that was forbidden. The alcohol was provided by my uncle, who had a built a genuine wine making lab in his basement and his cleaning lady Mrs.

Nasrine helped him. Then came the moment which everybody was scared of. The sirens went on, and everybody started to shout and scream, my aunt was the worst. She game me the newborn baby and ran downstairs, not only did I have to take care of myself, but also a newborn baby. The usual happened; we all ran downstairs and waited for the bombs to stop. Of course, this meant the end of the party. When we got in the car, I was still shocked about what my aunt had done, and I kept talking about it, until we heard someone yell, “HALT! My car stopped. They were guardians and they asked my father to step out of the car. They smelled the alcohol and everything escalated very quickly. “You think I’m stupid? I can tell by your tie! Piece of westernized trash! ” yelled the guardian “ I won’t take that from you. For twenty years I’ve worked for this country and you dare talk to me like that? Answered my dad My mom added, “Forgive him” But the guardian wouldn’t listen to them and told them to “Shut up! ” “Forgive him. Listen, I could be your mother. How old are you?

Sixteen? My daughter is twelve… Forgive him…” mom always knew what to say and when to say it, it was like a gift she had and it worked. The only problem was that the guardians wanted to check our home to make sure there was no alcohol. My dad was frightened, and he asked grandma and I, to go up before the guardians did and flush all the alcohol down the toilet. I had no idea how we were going to do so, but grandma had an idea so I trusted her. When we got home my dad asked the guardians “Must you really come upstairs?

Our elderly neighbor has a heart condition. If he’s frightened by the noise, it could kill him. ” Whilst my father was negotiating, we tried to sneak upstairs, but we got caught, and grandma said she had diabetes and she needed sugar. Luckily the guardian’s mom also had diabetes so he let us go up. We ran upstairs, and through all the alcohol down the toilet and sprayed perfume in the bathroom. When dad came up, we asked him where he was and all we got was, “Where indeed! Their faith has nothing to do with ideology!

A few bills were all he needed to forget the whole thing! ” It was quite disappointed, as we had gone to all this hassle for nothing. My dad asked if we had thrown it all away, grandma answered and said “yes” and dad was disappointed. He then lay on the couch and said “My god! I need a pick-me-up. ” Word count: 999 Rationale: I chose to transfer an episode from Persepolis into a chapter. My aim was to show that even in graphic novels, there is still a story line, and it can easily be transferred into a proper written form.

Another aim I had was to write the chapter in a dramatic, emotional and lively way as the wine incident is all about the dramatic period being put into a lively scene. What I achieved from this assignment was an improved understanding between a graphic novel and a normal novel. It is easier to understand graphic novels, as the dialogue is easier to picture, and it was difficult to convert the picture scenes to into text. What I did was to use long sentences, insert paragraphs and use language that was appropriate for a chapter to be publishing in either an autobiography or novel.

Another technique I used, was to have Marjane describe the emotions she felt, but what the other characters felt, as in Persepolis, the images would convey the emotions, and this is why Marjane had to do so, in a more written form. I chose to make Marjane’s tone of voice quite humorous, as she conveyed her life through humor, however as it is during a depressing era, and especially when the wine incident occurs, I also had to make her use a formal and serious tone. This was done to show my understanding of the character as well of the novel. Word count: 243