What Makes Beowulf a Hero and How Does It Compare to Modern Day Heros

What Makes Beowulf a Hero and How Does It Compare to Modern Day Heros

Defining a Hero In today’s times, there are many everyday heros that are just ordinary citizens. For example, Martin Luther King Jr. and the firefighters of 9/11. These are just people who wanted to make a difference in the world and as a result are considered heroes. A hero not only has to be brave, but also has to have unselfishness and the desire to set a good example for other people. good intro with all the necessary parts: lead, background, thesis. When one thinks of a hero, bravery is often a common quality, but there are many examples of bravery. ood TS In Beowulf, he displays countless actions of bravery, but one that really stands out in the text is when he is old and has to face the dragon that is terrorisufficatingzing his kingdom; “I won’t shift a foot when I meet the cave-guard: what occurs on the walls between the two of us will turn out as fate, overseer of men, decides” (283-286). Martin Luther King Jr. displayed bravery in a different way. Being that he was a leader of the civil rights movement, Dr.

King had to stand up to all around the world to get his message out that whites and blacks can live together as one civil society; “A hero, he confronted death with courage: a saint, he enriched the souls of even his bitterest enemies” (“Marks of Modern Sainthood”). The 9/11 responders have to considered some of the bravest heroes in the modern day. Running into a burning building on the verge of collapsing takes a lot of guts and they did it all to save some of the people who were still inside of the twin towers.

Along with bravery, unselfishness is another key element to being a hero. Being unselfish can get one a long way in the world, but is also a heroic characteristic. Although Beowulf wants fame and glory for his own name, he also is selfless when it comes to the well being of his people; “To the everlasting Lord of All, to the King of Glory, I give thanks….. that I have been thus allowed to leave my people so well endowed on the day I die” (411-415). Dr. King believed in equality for all races.

The movement he supported was not for himself to benefit, but for all African Americans and even other races to be seen equal in the eyes of white people; “not by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character” (“Marks of Modern”). In a time of life or death, most people will choose to save themselves other than to help another in need, but not the 9/11 firefighters. In the article, “Sept. 11, 2001, A Firefighter’s Story”, a man explains how he lets people who are suffocating in ash and debris, use his mask even when he himself needs to use it; “ Again people came to me for air.

I remember wandering around and helping whoever I could” (“Sept 11, 2001, A Firefighter’s Story”). Being unselfish is a great way a hero can encourage people to set good examples. Setting good examples are not only a heroic actions, but should be everyday actions. Beowulf sets a good example by repaying King Hrothgar for helping Beowulf’s father in a time of need; “Beowulf, you’ve come to us in friendship, and because of the reputation your father found at our court” (191-192).

Martin Luther King Jr. set a good example for people who were not yet even born and are yet to be born; “We are all better off for his having been among us, for his having preached to us. Even those of us who were only children then, or who were not there at all” (“Marks of Modern Sainthood”) His dream that blacks and whites can live together in a society as equals is no longer a dream, it’s reality. As for the 9/11 firefighters, setting a good example is basically a given.

They risked their own lives to save as many people as they possibly could on the tragic day of September 11. This doesn’t mean one should put their life in danger to help another, but do consider helping someone in a time of need. Whether it’s fighting and killing monsters and dragons, getting equal rights, or saving people from a burning building, there are ways for ordinary people to be heros. Bravery, unselfishness, and setting good examples are simple things that can be done around every household.

You may not be a superhero, but you can be a hero in your family and other surrounding people’s eyes. Works Cited “Marks of Modern Sainthood” Blind Chihuahua. 18 Feb. 1995. The Virtual Church of the Blind Chihuahua. 29 July 2011. Web. 17 Jan. 2013. “Sept 11, 2001, A Firefighter’s Story” Firefighters Blog. 10 Sept. 2010. FireEMS Blogs. Web. 17 Jan. 2013. great bibliography formatting Thesis: focused and educated opinion (19/20) development: see notes in body paragraphs (27/30 organization: 10/10 intro and concl paragraphs: 19/20 final: 93