Where Beowulf actions justified?

Where Beowulf actions justified?

Where Beowulf’s actions justified? Beowulf has been one great hero in this magnificent story but, his actions against the three monsters: Grendel, Grendel’s mother and The Dragon are really justified or just an act to prove his power? Beowulf could be the strongest man but, most of his fights against monsters were not really justified. Since the beginning of the story we all can read that Beowulf came from another town, just to kill a monster. Grendel is a monster who terrifies Herot, but he had a reason that no one didn’t care.

This monster was terrifying and killing all of the people in there because, when the soldiers or farmers got drunk they started to do a lot of noise and this disturbed Grendel’s dream. Basically what he wanted to his silence during night and no more drunk people disturbing his dream. Beowulf didn’t notice this, he just went directly to the monster and kill him. This action of killing Grendel was not really a prove of courage, is just to prove his strength. Every hero knows that avoiding a fight is better than causing a fight or going into it.

The worst part of this is that killing Grendel just caused another fight against Grendel’s Mother. This is one of the nonsense fights of our character. He went to look for Grendel’s mom and with no reason he just attack her. Beowulf could spare her life by just ignoring her, but he decided to go and decapitate her. Our supposed hero instead of not starting a fight, he provoke one and he also started it. This confrontation could have been avoided if Beowulf would have spare Grendel’s life and just tell him to go away.

After all this fights against monsters and creatures, Beowulf became King. When he was an old men a dragon appeared. The king decided to go to attack this monster, sadly our hero died in this battle. Behind everything there must be a reason that cause the dragon to attack that village, and actually there is one. This dragon had a huge treasure and a thief went into his cave and took part of it, this proves the dragon did had a reason and Beowulf didn’t do anything about it.

Most of the fights that Beowulf had could have been avoided in different ways: Grendel, he could just find out what was causing the monster to come to the village and kill everyone who sees. It wasn’t a difficult task but he decided to kill him. Grendel’s mom, the most easiest one he could have avoided, by not killing Grendel he could have avoided that fight, or even if he kill him Beowulf could have avoided the mother and walk away from that fight.

The dragon is one of the most difficult ones since you can’t speak to them, but there is always a way to do it. When a dragon attacks in dragon stories there is always something that they are protecting, and has been taken away from him. Most of the time they kill the one that stole it and take what has been stolen and go away. There is a story where the character wants to be by himself and prove they are someone they will never be. Beowulf in all the battles he had he just wanted to prove something, that he had no fear and his strength.

Along most of the battles he defeated his enemies just using his hands until he finds an ancient sword at the bottom of a pond after defeating Grendel’s mom. In my opinion Beowulf’s actions were not really justified, since he could had avoided all those battles. Most of the battles didn’t even took place in his town, they were somewhere else. This proves that Beowulf is just trying to be recognized and feared by each village or town during his time period. He wasn’t really a hero, a truly hero does not start a battle or provoke one they try to avoid them. His actions are never gonna be justified.